From the Principal’s Desk….

From the Principal’s Desk….

From the Principal’s Desk….

Dear Readers,

It has been 28 long years that I have been an educator and a facilitator ….. a path I chose with passion. My journey only reaffirmed my belief that I was meant to be a teacher and was simply waiting to share and spread the joy of learning.

It has been my privilege to have worked under the strong leadership of our ex-Headmistress Mrs. Amita Bhide who has played a vital role in shaping me as an individual today.

Under the able guidance of Mrs .Swapna Trailokya and the support of my colleagues I have evolved as a teacher, a leader. I hope, as I embark on a new journey as the Headmistress of the school, I succeed in excelling at every step and take the school to greater heights of glory. Even as I look forward to usher in new and novel changes, I wish to keep alive the practices which keep our students rooted…..rooted to our rich culture and traditions.

Teachers are the pillars of education of our society and who better to shoulder this responsibility than them. They are the ones who can influence and mould a child’s way of thinking. Commitment is the hallmark of a dedicated teacher who is ready to work an extra mile if needed, who carries out the responsibilities with the spirit of selfless service. Our teachers strive hard to inculcate life skills, values and attitudes to empower our children with the skills and competencies for success in a world they will grow into. The knowledge that there is a committed staff to give their very best to the students empowers me and fills me with confidence as I take on this new responsibility.

Today’s techno-savvy generation knows all about the latest gadgets around but is clueless of what is happening in their neighbourhood. They excel at the latest digital games but hardly go out and play outdoors.

The core objective of the parent–teacher combine should be to ensure that children grow up in an atmosphere devoid of undue pressure, an atmosphere which teaches and allows the child to make his or her own choices and take responsibility for the consequences.

Dear parents, I would appreciate if you……
1) Read books to your children ; as reading requires motivation and is a skill which can be developed over a period of time.
2) Nurture the importance of physical activity and health awareness in children.
3) Spend quality time with your children. Let the children enjoy their childhood and also keep the child in you alive.
And you my dear students, you have made us proud with your achievements in curricular and co-curricular activities held throughout the year.
My advice to you would be

❖ Do smart study
❖ Be disciplined
❖ Show gratitude
❖ And most importantly be respectful towards your parents and teachers.
❖ Staying positive….staying healthy….maintaining social distancing norms and supporting the government in their endeavours is the need of the hour.

Together let us explore the world of knowledge, unravel the mysteries of the world and contribute our mite towards making this world a happy place…..a healthy place…..a beautiful place. Together we can and we surely will make a difference. The future lies in your hands, my hands … our hands.
Looking forward to your co-operation in the noble task of imparting quality education to our future citizens. You can reach me with your valuable suggestions for the betterment in our endeavours.

Mrs. Kalpana V Kalekar

( Head Mistress )

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