On Friday 3rd November, 2023 , the students of PTVEMS Primary Section celebrated Diwali with great excitement and enthusiasm.

 Students decorated beautiful earthen clay diyas, made paper cup lanterns , Beautiful rangolis,  torans as part of the celebrations.These activities were organised and conducted by our equally enthusiastic and energetic PTA members and other parents of the school.

The intention behind celebrating Diwali festival in an eco-safe manner was to make our children aware about eco-fiesta and how one can really strike the balance between enjoying a festival alongwith taking care of nature.

Students thoroughly enjoyed this creative way of celebrating the festival as they realised how they can contribute on their own towards the celebrations.

Every classroom was  decorated with colourful articles and decorations made during the celebrations.

Each student was given a healthy दिवाळी फराळ hamper to make them aware about the nutritional benefits of these food items and also to initiate their interest towards healthy eating.

The school display boards were decorated with suitable drawings and decorations by our art teacher Mrs. Shilpa Jadhav. The students were overjoyed when in addition to all of this they recieved PTVA’S Newletter -DARPAN, Diwali special edition copies with its cover page  by their favourite and creative Art teacher.

-Ms.Devangi Wadke(PTVEMS Primary Section,class tr. of II-A)












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