e Magazine KALEIDOSCOPE 2019-2020 launched

e Magazine KALEIDOSCOPE 2019-2020 launched


My dear Parents, Teachers and Students & all the readers,
Home is the first school and School is the second home. In fact, today it has come true. Coronavirus has altered our life including our school system, teachers, children and parents. Let’s avoid the negativities and look into its positivities Our homes have become schools and parents have become teachers too . E-learning has emerged as the best way of imparting education.
It gives me great joy to meet you all through this E-magazine-a great way to communicate and be creative. Enjoy our magazine as we move on with our lives. I thank all who contributed to this endeavour.
Happy reading !

  • Mrs.Swapna Trailokya


Click the Image below to read the PDF e Magazine

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