Tips for Children

Tips for Children

1.Don’t lose time. Always be punctual everywhere. 

2.Don’t overeat before studying 

3.Be friendly with everyone.

4.When it’s time to play,play outdoor/indoor games.

5.Don’t day- dream ! Keep your mind on your book while studying. 

6.Avoid playing games on mobile phone, computer, T.V. and such other gadgets. 

7.Read plenty of books -story books as well as other informative books. 

How to be a perfect student 

  • Always keep your body, clothes and language clean. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.  
  • Be punctual. Delay is dangerous.  
  • Politeness is the polish which will help you to shine everywhere  
  • He who works hard brings honor to himself .A genius is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. 
  • Books are our friends that give us knowledge. Treat them with care and respect them.  
  • Class work ,home work and some self study completes your daily academic responsibility.
  •  Reading makes a man. Writing makes a full man. Write clearly and neatly so that others can     read it properly. Your writing reflects your nature and overall personality.  
  • Be sporting on the playground always play a fair game.  
  • An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Keep yourself busy in some creative activity . 
  • Be honest and always be cheerful .

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