Heal Your Life

Heal Your Life

On Monday, 30th October, 2023 PTVEMS Primary Section teaching and non-teaching staff had a very interactive and insightful session on  Heal Your Life by Dr. Yogini Mohare, ex- student of PTV Marathi Medium School, who is now a family physician and also an International Heal Your Life teacher and Leader.

The workshop was based on the philosophy of Louise Hay wherein Dr. Mohare emphasized on how healing ourselves is essential for our own development wherein all the aspects of/for growth should be considered. Dr. Mohare shared various ways through which one can focus on their own development without being labelled as ‘selfish’.

She also stressed on the importance of how to love your own self and body by focusing on your thoughts and the way you perceive them. She explained to us how it is difficult to focus on positivity amidst the negative thoughts and emotions we experience.

She also shared that on an average a person has approximately 60,000 thoughts within a day, unfortunately out of which majority are negative . 

She suggested basic yet helpful three excercises which if included in our daily routine will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

The session concluded with a reminder to feel happy, loved and accepted by our own self. 

Special thanks to our Headmistress Kalpana Kalekar ma’am who realized the need of the teachers and thoughtfully arranged such a helpful workshop.

-Ms.Devangi Wadke, class tr.of II-A


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